Presentation Dr. S. Shepel

New Finite-Element/Finite-Volume Level Set Method for Modelling Two-Phase Incompressible Flows

Dr. S. Shepel
Paul Scherrer Institute

A new Level Set method for modelling two-phase incompressible flows with moving interface boundaries is presented. The method is based on a Finite Element (FE) treatment of the equations governing the motion of the interface separating two immiscible phases, and a Finite Volume (FV) treatment of the fluid flow equations. The performance of the method is demonstrated and validated using several sample problems, involving two-phase, isothermal flows with density ratios of the order of 100 to 1000, and viscosity ratios as high as 70000. Surface tension effects are included. The main advantages of the present Level Set formulation is that it displays good convergence properties, and it is relatively simple to program. This allows the method to be implemented into existing commercial FV based Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, thereby extending their application range. In the present work, the method has been successfully implemented within the framework of the commercial CFD code CFX-4.

25.11.05 at 14:30 at ILR, TU Dresden, room 406