Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics III

- a Europhysics Conference -

XXI International Nuclear Physics Divisional Conference of the European Physical Society

organized by

Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Dresden, Germany

26 - 31 March 2007

Advisory Committee:

N. Auerbach, Tel Aviv
J. Äystö, Jyväskylä
A. Faessler, Tübingen (co-chair)
H. Freiesleben, Dresden
Zs. Fülöp, Debrecen
S. Harissopulos, Athens
F. Käppeler, Karlsruhe
A. Mengoni, Vienna
C. Rolfs, Bochum (co-chair)
O. Scholten, Groningen
A. Shotter, Vancouver
K. A. Snover, Seattle
K. Takahashi, Brussels
H. Utsunomiya, Kobe
M. Wiescher, Notre Dame

Local Organizing Committee:

D. Bemmerer, E. Grosse (chair), A. R. Junghans,
R. Schwengner, A. Wagner


von-Gerber-Bau Auditorium, Technische Universität Dresden

Scientific Programme:

Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
    Big bang models
    Network calculations and cross sections
Stellar Nucleosynthesis and Low Cross Section Measurements
    Static stellar burning
    Direct and indirect cross section measurements
    Neutron capture and the s-process
Explosive Nucleosynthesis and Nuclear Astrophysics with Photons
    Explosive astrophysical scenarios
    Radiative capture and electromagnetic dissociation
    The quest of the p-nuclides
Nuclei far from Stability and Radioactive Ion Beams
    Transfer reactions and capture
    Masses and lifetimes
    Level densities
Dense Matter in Neutron Stars and Relativistic Nuclear Collisions
    Nuclear Compressibility
    Flavour degrees of freedom
Neutrinos in Nuclear Astrophysics
    Gamov-Teller strength and charge exchange reactions
    Neutrino induced processes in stars

Abstract submission deadline: 28 January 2007
Registration deadline: 28 January 2007