High Magnetic Field Laboratory - Steffen Dittrich

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Phone: +49 (0)351 260 - 3528
e-mail: s.dittrich@hzdr.de

Short CV

since 2003
Lenke Diagnostics GmbH, development engineer for high voltage electronics
AMD Saxony, Instructor for technical training
Engineer at IBM Information Systems Ltd., Dresden Education Center,
Instructor for students of Computer sciences and Electronics for Communication
Study of Electrical Engineering at Technical Universty Dresden
Main topics: Electrical Power Systems, High Voltage Engineering, Power Electronic, Electromagnetic Compatibility
Topic of diploma: Design of a power generator system for ultra-high currents
Study of Automation and Communication Techology at Faculty of Automation Technology at Dresden University for Technology and Business
Main topics: Computer Processing, Communication Technologies, Process Identification, Measuring, Engine Processing, Digital electronics, Business
Topic of diploma: Design and programming of an rheoligical measure system for special non-linear liquids such as liquid chocolate (Programming IBM personal computer 386 with language C, using multitasking-system)
Study of Industrial electronics at Görlitz Engineering School for Electronic and Computer sciences
Main topics: Design and construction of electronical boards, electronical devices, processing, programming languages Topic of diploma: Processing of a destilling machine by static observer with a process-computer, processing by computer simulation (Process identification and programming by FORTH) for Hoechst AG Frankfurt/Main
qualified as electrician in Buntgarnwerke Leipzig Factory in Freital: specialization service and maintenance