Data Techniques Projects

The following projects were developed by the Data Techniques Group

- Development of an automated pneumatic delivery for irradiated probes at ELBE

- Development of an observing automatism for a liquid nitrogen filling system (ALNFS)

- Running the liquid lead loop (Photo Neutron Target-I) of the nELBE project - logbook

- Development of a 30+4kV power supply for the EPOS/MePS project


- Mr. Michael Machate about PCB-Design of the FPGA-VME moduls for read-out of fast ADC's

- Mr. Mathias Kempe and Mr. Ralph Massarczyk about detection of radial position of cassettes in the pneumatic post using a magnetic field sensor

- Mr. Mathias Kempe about a trigger box, implemented on a VME-FPGA module produced by CAEN

- Mr. Andreas Müller: Data analysis using GO4