Annual Report Layout Rules

In order to standardise the layout of our annual reports (and publications in general) we ask you to follow the rules listed here:

  • In the title of the annual report all nouns, adjectives and verbs start with a capital letter.
  • Symbols shall be set italic while units are written roman.
    Chemical symbols have to be roman.
    LaTeX Examples: $E$ = 10 MeV,  $\rho$(Al) = 2.7 g/cm$^3$.
  • Symbols should not be used at the beginning of a sentence.
    Example: Gamma rays were detected ... instead of $\gamma$ rays ...
  • Acronyms are to be explained on their first occurrence.
    Example: The random-phase approximation (RPA) is used ...
  • Adjectives and nouns that belong together and are used together like an adjective, are connected with a hyphen.
    Examples:    gamma ray     but  gamma-ray detection
                        shell model   but  shell-model calculations
                        free electron but free-electron laser
  • Figure layout:
    - Tick marks are inside the frame of the figure.
    - The size of the axis labels should be at least text size.
    - Text inside the figures should be of readable size.
    - Axis labels are of the form quantity / unit
    Examples: $E_\gamma$ / keV
                       ($\Gamma/E^3$) / (keV/MeV$^3$)
                       Film thickness / mm
  • References are written in the form e.g.
    Author list, Phys. Rev. C 66 (2002) 024310
    Author list, Nucl. Phys. A 620 (1997) 277
    If the author list contains more than three authors, it is written in the form:
    Author1, Author2 et al.,
    Author is written as e.g. R. Beyer, ...


Ronald Schwengner, Andreas Wagner