Video Conferences at HZDR

Professional video conferences can be done in several video conference rooms at the HZDR sites in Dresden, Freiberg and Leipzig. The connection is possible via internet (h.323 over IP) or telephone connection (ISDN up to 512k). For multipoint conferences the DFN gatekeeper can be used (see below).


  • Using the calendar functionality of the intranet-portal (select building and room, please give the VC-target in the comment) all VC-rooms can be booked.
  • contact: department Information Technology, office (telephone number: 2190)
  • Apply for a multipoint-videoconference at the Gatekeeper DFN -> Conferences
    Procedure: Start, reserve ID, define password, take control
    (works ad-hoc, without extensive reservation!)

Conference systems: (site, building-room):Videoconference System in the HZDR library

  • Dresden 104-201: max. 18 persons (Polycom HDX 7000),
    IP:, E.164: 0049 351 260 4524, room-phone: 3102,
    contact person: E. Reschke
  • Dresden 110-230: max. 20 persons (Polycom HDX 7000),
    IP:, E.164: 0049 351 260 4523, phone: 3111,
    contact person: N. Schmeißer
  • Dresden 801-P244 : max. 20 persons (Polycom HDX7000),
    IP:, E.164: 0049 351 260 4520, phone: 2894
    contact person: R. Berndt

    On request, the system can be transported by the born 801-P244 also in the room 801-P142.

    Here is a table and it is total up to 70 seats a seat capacity of 56 seats, as well as in addition 14 single chairs available, if required.

    The plant has also a multipoint functionality up to 4 simultaneous partners via IP connection.
    Dresden 801-P142: max 70 persons (Polycom HDX7000),
    IP:, E. 164: 0049 351 260 4520, Tel.: 3603
    contact person: R. Berndt

  • Freiberg F100-330: max.  20 persons (Polycom HDX7000),
    IP:, E.164: 0049 351 260 4522, phone: 4422
    contact person: V. Friedewald
  • Leipzig L9.3-216: max. 30 persons (Polycom HDX7000),
    IP:, E.164: 0049 351 260 4521, phone: 4648,
    contact person: M. Mann


  • Participate a concerence using a videoconcerence system or a local H.323 client (e.g. ekiga, jabber, Polycom Real Presence Mobile App)
  • HD-Camera with predefined positions (even controllable from the  remote side)
  • Presentations showed via beamer or monitor and transfer to VC-partners simulaneously
  • Multipoint-Video Conferences up to 10 partners simultaneously (via DFN or in room 104-201 only!)
  • High-quality table or Kardioid-Level-Microphones

Participating Facilities on DFN-Video Conference Service:

Please order timely, a previous test for new remote stations is recommendable.