Local video conferences

  • A lokal videoconference allows a communication directly from the desktop computer.

  • During this conference video, sound and optionally user data (documents, screens) are exchanged between two or more sites.

  • Camera and microphone are the input devices while monitor and loadspeaker serve as output devices.

For video conferences with a larger group please use the HZDR video conference rooms.

For local video conferences the HZDR offers two different solutions:

  • Multipoint VideokonferenzAdobe Acobat Connect is a professional conference service of the DFN, which is powerful, very easy to configure and use. It is free of charge for users of the HZDR. You will find more information at webconferences of the DFN.
  • Skype is allowed for video- and audioconferences at the HZDR , but not for file sharing! You can use it from your client device. Some of the HZDR video-conference systems are equiped with an additional Skype camera, so that a group of HZDR employees can communicate with external partners via Skype.

For both services plugins are downloaded from the web-sites. There are different plugins for the different browsers and operating systems. The participants of a conference are invited via e-Mail with an included web-link to select.

Reccommended Hardware for a video conference in the office:

  • Logitech Conference Cam Connect