Local video conferences

  • A lokal videoconference allows a communication directly from the desktop computer.

  • During this conference video, sound and optionally user data (documents, screens) are exchanged between two or more sites.

  • Camera and microphone are the input devices while monitor and loadspeaker serve as output devices.

For video conferences with a larger group please use the HZDR video conference rooms.

For local video conferences the HZDR offers two different solutions:

  • Multipoint VideokonferenzDFNConf offers users of the X-WiN and their users as well as all other interested scientific institutions the possibility to communicate with one or more other partners from a PC, a workstation, a room system or a mobile terminal using the X-WiN. Also facilities outside the X-WiN are accessible via this service. You will find more information at DFN Conference Service of the DFN.
  • Skype is allowed for video- and audioconferences at the HZDR , but not for file sharing! You can use it from your client device. Some of the HZDR video-conference systems are equiped with an additional Skype camera, so that a group of HZDR employees can communicate with external partners via Skype.

For both services plugins are downloaded from the web-sites. There are different plugins for the different browsers and operating systems. The participants of a conference are invited via e-Mail with an included web-link to select.

Reccommended Hardware for a video conference in the office:

  • Logitech Conference Cam Connect