Devices for nano technology

Highly sensitive AFM cantilever arrays with integrated piezoresistive deflection sensing elements require ultrashallow (USJ) p-type (boron) doped pn-junctions. Low resistance of USJs is foreseen as the most difficult goal to achieve.

PRONANO Cantilever-Array

For the fabrication of shallow pn-junctions (piezoresistors) two techniques are to be evaluated and optimized:

  1. “conventional” low energy implantation of 1 keV B+ ions with subsequent RTA annealing, and,
  2. ultra-shallow junction formation by point defect engineering (PDE) using high energy Si+ implantation into silicon and subsequent boron in-diffusion from a ultra-thin surface boron layer. Hereby the depth of the pn-junctions xj can be adjusted in the the depth of 20–150 nm.

Based on theoretically predictions an increased AFM cantilever deflection sensitivity of piezoresistors can be expected for pn-junctions with xj < 50 nm.

Additionally, the ion beam processing of AFM cantilever arrays includes the fabrication of highly boron doped heating resistor elements foreseen as cantilever deflection actuators as weel as the fabrication of highly boron doped interconnect lines.

More details can be found at PRONANO - Project summary: Technology for the Production of Massively Parallel Intelligent Cantilever Probe Platforms for Nanoscale Analysis and Synthesis (Proposal/Contract no.: IP 515739-2 PRONANO,