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Dr. Lothar Bischoff

Nanostructures by focused electrons and ions
Liquid Metal Alloy Ion Sources
Ion Induced Nanostructures
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Micro- und nanostructures by local FIB ion milling

FIB irradiation with Ga+or other heavy ions, i.e. Ge+, Au+, rare earth-elements, allows the fabrication of surface patterned structures with defined geometrical dimensions by direct writing ion beam milling (sputtering). For example, nano-holes were milled into an AFM tip, which should act as an aperture for single ion implantation experiments. Furthermore, a lot of different thin magnetic films were patterned (locally modified or sputtered away to study magnetic properties on sub-micrometer or nanometer scale.

Fabrication of AFM cantilevers containing a nano-hole at the tip
Unterschiedliche Anordnungen von FIB-gesputterten Nanolöchern in lithografisch vorstrukturierten dünnen magnetischen Schichten
Different configurations of FIB milled nano-holes in lithographic pre-patterned thin magnetic films.