Fifth workshop

(I.Barisan, C.Dupont, D. Jolly, St. Preusche)

Organizing facility

The fifth workshop of the "CYCLONE 18/9 + 10/5 USER COMMUNITY" was organized by IBA, Belgium and McGill Montreal Neurological Institute, Canada and was held at Montreal, Canada on May 2-4, 2005.


70 participants from 15 countries took part at the workshop (24 customer sites represented).


Poster presentations

IBA presentations of cyclotron control system upgrade, IBA new targets, Supply Chain quality, FDG Modules, C18/9 upgrades, spare part managements and of changes in the organization of the customer support department

Three invited talks:

  • W. Feindel, “Ruhterford’s lagecy – a historical tale of three cyclotrons at McGill University”
  • M. DiKsic, “Brain research with short lived cyclotron produced positron emitters”
  • Z. Zaremba, “C10/5 and C18/9 Theory and Practice"

Lectures, discussions and round table discussions of several topics:

  • Operation and maintenance of the CYCLONE 18/9 and 10/5
  • Increased target yields and chemistry module operation
  • How to solve problems and trouble-shooting
  • Personal exposure to radiation during maintenance
  • How to improve relations between IBA and its customers?
  • IBA Spare parts policy

Visiting program: McGill Cyclotron Department


Discussions and approaches to improve target yields, to make maintenance easier, to upgrade old cyclotrons, to use solid target systems for more flexibility of the cyclotrons

The sixth workshop will be organized by BA, Belgium and Centro Nacional de Aceleradores, Spain and will be held at Sevilla on September 23-26, 2007.