CFD development group

A  CFD development group (CFD=Computational Fluid Dynamics) has been founded in 2005 in the Institute of Safety Research (IfS). The group was led by Dr. Thomas Höhne and consisted of 9 members.

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The main purpose  of the group is the development of CFD models for multiphase and multicomponent flows. Furthermore the group was established for the following purposes:

  • the extension and deepening of knowledge in the affected fields according to the "state of the art" of science and technology (example: turbulence modelling),

  • the exchange of experiences in the application of CFD codes (purpose: early recognition of strengths and weaknesses of single models),

  • realisation of courses of lectures to bordered subject areas

  • the increase of number of publications by mutual support using the development and appraisal of common manuscripts,

  • the organisation of seminars and Workshops (example: Invitation of prominent performers for the institute seminars of the IfS),

  • the close connection between the experiment and the measuring technology on one side and the theoretical developments on the other side (example: Specification of fitted experiments for the model development and-validation

  • the co-operation in the development of common project applications,

  • the establishing of technical cooperations with suitable and prominent external partners,

  • the assessment of new developments and of suggestions for the future thematic adjustment of the CFD activities in the IfS.

The CFD group maintains and intensifies the technical contact with the commercial program developer ANSYS CFX. In this manner the models developed within IfS can be inserted efficiently in the software package and be utilised for the interpretation and safety assessment of chemical and nuclear applications. The group has finished its work successfully in mid-2011 and is now continuing the work in the CFD department of the Fluid Dynamics Institute.

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Example of the work of the CFD group: Numerical simulation of density driven flows at the Mixing Test Facility ROCOM


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