CFD simulation of chemical engineering processes in stirred tank reactors

Term: from 05 / 2004

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Mixing in stirred vessels is a common operation in the process industry, especially in the fine chemistry, the pharmaceutical industry and the biotechnology. In these branches, STR are widely used for batch and semi-batch processes. Numerical modelling and simulation of mixing processes in STR can contribute to:

  • simplification of scale-up procedures in the stage of process development,

  • process and plant optimisation,

  • hazard analyses and evaluation.


CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) methods are applied to numerical flow simulation in stirred tank reactors, where CFX® is used as simulation software.

The simulation results are validated experimentally using the following imaging techniques:

  • videometry,

  • X-ray tomography (e.g. cone beam tomography),

  • Gamma tomography.


Transient mixing of initially stratified different density liquids in a stirred tank reactor after stirrer start-up

Vergl_Exp_CFD-Simulation_engl Konz_kurve_CFD_engl

Gassing of a liquid in a stirred tank reactor using a gas inducing turbine stirrer



Gas hold-up in the impeller region

Further information

A study on the mixing behaviour of different densities liquids in a stirred tank by passive and reactive tracers (Poster)

Measurement and CFD prediction of a two-phase flow in a STR  (Presentation)




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Dr. H. Kryk