Dr. Sven Eckert

Head Magneto­hydro­dynamics
Phone: +49 351 260 2132

Magnetohydrodynamics - further research topics

Foto: Magnetfelder im Kosmos ©Copyright: Sander Münster

Magnetorotational instability (PROMISE Experiment)

Cosmic magnetic fields play a surprisingly active role in cosmic structure formation by fostering outward angular momentum transport and inward mass accretion onto central objects, like protostars or black holes, by means of the magnetorotational instability (MRI). At the PROMISE experiment, two special ­versions of MRI, the helical MRI and the azimuthal MRI are investigated.
Foto: Bubble in the fields ©Copyright: Dr. Tom Weier


Magnetic control of mass transfer and convection in electrochemical processes

Magnetic field control of an aluminium investment casting process

Foto: Magneto-hydrodynamics: Steel Casting Using Magnetic Fields (Picture: AIFilm) ©Copyright: AI Films

Young Investigators Group on Measurement Techniques for Liquid Metal Flows

  • Instabilities in MHD flows around obstacles
    Numerical and experimental work on the flow of a strongly conducting fluid around a circular cylinder in an external magnetic field; investigation of 2D- and 3D-instabilities.
  • MHD-Control of the direct melt extraction of intermetallic fibers
    In the extraction process of fibres from the melt surface the induction heating and the rotation of the chill wheel cause turbulence and a wavy motion on the metal surface. Steady magnetic fields can be used to stabilise the process and allow the extraction of fibres with a diameter below 100 µm, which are of most interest for industrial application.
  • Magnetic Levitation
    Electromagnetic levitation is a method to treat metallic samples without contact to any wall. However, the process is often accompanied by instabilities like rotation or oscillation of the sample. The reasons for these instabilities have been analyzed and a method in order to stabilize the sample has been developed.