Sixth workshop

(I.Barisan, C. Sanchez, St. Preusche)

Organizing facility

The sixth workshop of the "CYCLONE 18/9 + 10/5 USER COMMUNITY" was organized by IBA, Belgium and CNA, Spain and was held at Seville on September 23-26, 2007.


Almost 100 participants from 19 countries took part at the workshop (40 customer sites represented).


Poster presentations

The main topics of the meeting were Performance-Reliability-Safety

IBA presented: new developments (upgrades + remote diagnosis), supply chain quality, new service level agreement, new targets.

Lectures, discussions and round table discussions of several topics:

  • New users presentations
  • How to improve relations between IBA and its customers?
  • Upgrades
  • Training
  • Control System
  • Operation and maintenance of the CYCLONE 18/9 and 10/5
  • Chemistry modules
  • Quality of product
  • How to solve problems and trouble-shooting?
  • Targets 11C,18F,…
  • IBA Spare parts policy
  • Issues related to radioprotection

Visiting program: CNA Cyclotron Department


  • It was again an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and to get very valuable customer comments/concerns.
  • The seventh workshop will probably take place somewhere in the second semester of 2009.