Awards 2007

IBA-Europhysics Prize 2007

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Enghardt In 2007 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Enghardt (OncoRay/FZD) and Dr. Dieter Schardt (GSI Darmstadt) received the IBA-Europhysics Prize 2007 for their excellent contributions in the development of tumour therapy with heavy ions. This kind of radiation therapy presents one of the most promising innovations in cancer treatment in the decades to come. The therapy is based on particularly effective radiation, which has to be directed into the tumour with high precision. This can only be achieved by accurately planning the radiation treatment as well as by an exact position of the ion beam, for which Prof. Enghardt developed an intelligent measuring method.

Karl Wirtz Prize awarded by Kerntechnische Gesellschaft

Dr. Hans-Georg Willschütz
Dr. Thomas Höhne and Dr. Hans-Georg Willschütz (r.), Photo: Marion Wiegand
For his research on the behaviour of reactor pressure vessels, ranging from severe accidents to core meltdown scenarios, Dr. Hans-Georg Willschütz was awarded the renowned Karl Wirtz Prize by the Kerntechnische Gesellschaft on 21 May 2007. This prize is awarded every three years for excellent scientific achievements in the nuclear technology field. In addition, the prize is to promote advances in research and technology for the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Medal of honour of Slovakian University of Technology Bratislava

Dr. Dr. h. c. Joehnk Jahresempfang 2008
Photo: Andreas Schanzenbach
On 27 September 2007 Dr. Dr. h. c. Peter Joehnk received a medal of honour for his long-term cooperation with the Slovakian University of Technology Bratislava, especially for his efforts in improving the conditions for research and teaching there. Currently, the Administrative Director of Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf is engaged in the "Slowakion" project, which envisages building up a joint Saxon-Slovakian ion and plasma centre in Slovakia. This was agreed upon by Saxon State Minister for Science and the Arts Dr. Eva-Maria Stange, and the Slovakian Vice Prime Minister, Dusan Čaplovič, at a meeting in Dresden on 15 October 2007.

FZD Awards 2007

Prof. Wolfhard Möller, Dr. Karsten Küpper, Paul Heimann (Dresdner Bank), Dr. Eva-Maria Stange, Prof. Roland Sauerbrey , Dr. Peter Joehnk (f.l.t.r.)

FZD-Forschungspreis 2007Photo: Andreas Schanzenbach

FZD Technologiepreis 2007Photo: Andreas Schanzenbach

André Arnold, Petr Murcek, Dr. Friedrich Staufenbiel, Dr. Dietmar Janssen, Dr. Rong Xiang, Dr. Jochen Teichert, Dr. Michael Peiniger (ACCEL), Dr. Peter Michel, Prof. Roland Sauerbrey, Dr. Eva-Maria Stange, Dr. Peter Joehnk (f.l.t.r.)
for developing a touchless tomographic measuring method for two-phase flows
Dr. Eva-Maria Stange, Dr. Dietrich Hoppe, Martina Bieberle, Eckhard Schleicher, Dr. Uwe Hampel, Dr. Michael Peiniger (ACCEL), Prof. Roland Sauerbrey, Dr. Peter Joehnk (f.l.t.r.)

FZD-Technologiepreis 2007Photo: Andreas Schanzenbach

FZD Award for the best Ph.D. Thesis 2007

FZD Doktorandenpreis 2007Photo: Andreas Schanzenbach

Monika Johannsen (ROTOP Pharmaka AG), Dr. Dominik Stehr, Dr. Eva-Maria Stange, Prof. Manfred Helm (Laudator), Prof. Roland Sauerbrey, Dr. Peter Joehnk (f.l.t.r.)
FZD Award for Communication to the Public 2007
for his commitment to communicating the subject "physics and the arts" to the public as well as for regularly coaching young people who are trained as physics laboratory assistants on the FZD's Open House Day
Paul Heimann (Dresdner Bank), Dr. Peter Joehnk, Dr. Christian Neelmeijer, Dr. Eva-Maria Stange, Prof. Roland Sauerbrey (f.l.t.r.) FZD-Wissenschaftskommunikationspreis 2007Photo: Andreas Schanzenbach
FZD Recognition Award 2007
for commitment to educating trainees at FZD

FZD-Anerkennungspreis 2007Photo: Andreas Schanzenbach

Paul Heimann (Dresdner Bank), Christine Ufer, Dr. Eva-Maria Stange, Prof. Roland Sauerbrey, Dr. Peter Joehnk (f.l.t.r.)