Awards & appointments as professors/ visiting professors as well as honorary degrees in 2008


Science award “Society needs science”“


photo: David Ausserhofer

FZD scientist Dr. Frank Stefani (2nd from right) and Prof. Günther Rüdiger from the Astrophysical Institute Potsdam (2nd from left) were awarded the “Society needs science” prize by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft. The scientists were the first ones to evidence magnetorotational instability (MRI) in the lab, thus confirming the well-established hypothesis that stars and black holes are created from rotating matter. The secretary general of the Stifterverband, Prof. Dr. Andreas Schlüter (right), and the president of the Leibniz Association, Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Ernst Th. Rietschel (left), handed over the science award worth of 50,000 euros at the annual conference of the Leibniz Association on November 27, 2008.

Christoph Schmelzer Award

Dr. Fine Fiedler Cancerous tumors can be precisely treated with the help of ion-beam therapy. Scientists at the FZD developed a method called in-beam PET, which is able to plan and control this kind of therapy. It has been employed at the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung in Darmstadt, Germany, mainly with hydrogen or carbon nuclei. In her dissertation, FZD scientist Dr. Fine Fiedler showed that the Rossendorf method is also suitable for radiation therapy with helium ions, which earned her the Christoph Schmelzer Award from the society for the promotion of tumor therapy with heavy ions. Dr. Fine Fiedler shares the award with Gabriele Kragl from TU Wien.

FZD Awards 2008

(all photos by: Hans-Günther Lindenkreuz)

FZD Research Award 2008

Jahresempfang 2009 / Verleihung der FZD-Preise

Dr. Andreas Ulbricht, Prof. Peter Joehnk, Dr. Frank Bergner, Prof. Roland Sauerbrey, Prime Minister of Saxony Stanislaw Tillich, Paul Heimann (Dresdner Bank) and Prof. Frank-Peter Weiß (from left to right)

for the work of Dr. Andreas Ulbricht and Dr. Frank Bergner (Institute of Safety Research) on the safety of reactor pressure vessels in nuclear power plants

FZD Technology Award 2008

Jahresempfang 2009 / Verleihung der FZD-Preise

Prime Minister of Saxony Stanislaw Tillich, Prof. Roland Sauerbrey, Dr. Ralf Bergmann, Jens Hauser, Sebastian Meister and Thomas Süßmilch (from left to right)

for Dr. Ralf Bergmann and Sebastian Meister (both Institute of Radiopharmacy) as well as Jens Hauser and Thomas Süßmilch (both Research Technology Department) for their joint development of a special system to bed small animals during computer tomography or positron emission tomography studies in an easy and reproducible way

FZD Young Researcher Award 2008

Jahresempfang 2009 / Verleihung der FZD-Preise

Dr. Marcus Bluhm, Prof. Peter Joehnk, Dr. Marco Jose da Silva, Prof. Roland Sauerbrey, Prime Minister of Saxony Stanislaw Tillich, Monika Johannsen (ROTOP Pharmaka AG; from left to right)

for Dr. Marco Jose da Silva (Institute of Safety Research) for the further development of the wire mesh sensor principle, which was invented at the FZD („Impedance sensors for fast multiple flow measurement and imaging“)

and for Dr. Marcus Bluhm (Institute of Radiation Physics) for the theoretical modeling of those phases during the development of the universe which were marked by the formation of the components of atoms („QCD equation of state of hot deconfined matter at finite baryon density – A quasiparticle perspective“)

FZD Science Communication Award 2008

Jahresempfang 2009 / Verleihung der FZD-Preise

Prof. Roland Sauerbrey, Prof. Peter Joehnk, Stefan Bock, Prime Minister of Saxony Stanislaw Tillich (from left to right)

for Stefan Bock (Institute of Radiation Physics) for showing outstanding commitment on the Science Day at the FZD and during the Long Night of Sciences in Dresden

Appointment as professor

Prof. Frank Wüst, former head of the Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry group at the Institute of Radiopharmacy, took up the Dianne and Irving Kipnes Chair at the Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Cross Cancer Institute Edmonton in Alberta, Canada.

Visiting professors and honorary degrees

For his achievements as a manager in science and for cultural exchange, an honorary professorship was conferred upon Prof. Peter Joehnk, administrative director of the FZD, by the Technical University (STU) Izhevsk, Russia. Prof. Joehnk has been supporting the university in modernizing structures and starting cooperations with universities in Western Europe for more than seven years.
Prof. Andreas Kolitsch, head of the Ion Technology group at the Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research, is now visiting professor at the Slovakian Technical University (STU) in Bratislava, Slovakia. He initiated a project called SLOVAKION – an ion beam and plasma technology center which is currently planned at the university in close cooperation with the FZD.
Prof. Klaus Morawetz (Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research) was appointed visiting professor at the International Center of Condensed Matter Physics (ICCMP) at the University of Brasilia where he is head of the Nonequilibrium Nanostructures group.