ABS Armatur

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. Uwe Hampel

Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics
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Dr. Björn Wolf

Head HZDR Innovation GmbH
Head Technology Transfer & Innovation
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Prevention of water hammer in fast-acting valves

When when valves trip,  pressure surges may be caused,  that threaten the pipeline, its suspension or the valve itself. These pressure pulses are to be prevented at the fastest possible closing of the liquid stream.

It was developed an arrangement (ABS-valve), which adaptively adjusts the closing to the parameters of the liquid stream. In addition, the valve is equipped with a hydraulic brake, which is controlled by the medium pressure in front of the valve. If the pressure exceeds the permitted limit, the closing process and therefore the upstream water hammer is suspended. Downstream a rebound damper is arranged at a suitable position, that prevents the collapse of the cavitation bubble.

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