Aquapures provides innovative, nanoscale biotechnologies for the treatment of potable and process water. It is based on the use of bacterial hull proteins (S-layer), which has been used by the bacteria as a survival strategy in heavy metal contaminated environments. These proteins possess excellent metal-specific binding capacities and good capacity for self-organization, which enables them to be processed into a regular structure. The aim of the research group is the gradual development of specific biotechnological metal filter materials and combining these into a modular system for individual water treatment.

A second research approach, the complexation of S-layers with photocatalytically active material for the use in the reduction of organic or pharmaceutical residues in drinking water. The problem of pollution of waters with hormonal substances, radiopaque contrast agents or drugs is a particularly sensitive issue with incalculable long-term consequences for humans and the ecosystem, which has not yet satisfactorily been solved. Aquapures therefor stands for the development of innovative solutions for improving sustainability in the use of the vital resource water.

Forschungszenztrum Dresden Rossendorf

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Department Biogeochemie (FWRB)

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Contact: Dr. Johannes Raff