Facts and Figures
about the Research Center Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf

(as of 2009)
name Forschungszentrum Dresden - Rossendorf e.V.
responsible bodies Free State of Saxony, Saxon State Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts (SMWK)
financing public funding: 50% by German federal states, especially Free State of Saxony, and 50% by Federal Republic of Germany
publicly funded staff 399
employees > 800
doctoral students 120
core funding 60,9 Mio. €
third-party funding 23,8 Mio. € (2,8 Mio. € from industry)


peer-reviewed articles

505  (incl. peer-reviewed proceedings by the Institute of Safety Research)


invention disclosures 5
national applications for patent 9
national patent grants 11