Dr. Holger Kryk

Head Fluid process engineering
Phone: +49 351 260 2248

Corrosion test facility (KorrVA)

Experimental investigation of corrosion processes, transport and deposition of corrosion products during loss-of-coolant accidents (LOCA) in pressurized water reactors (PWR)

Korrosionsversuchsstand KorrVA

Corrosion test facility (KorrVA)


Temperature range: 20 … 70°C

Flow rate leak: 0 … 600 L/h

Liquid Volume: 60 L

Computer-aided measurement data logging of:

  • flow rates
  • temperatures
  • head losses across retaining components
  • system pressure
  • liquid conductivity for concentration measurement

Simulation of hot-spots inside the core by electrically heatable cladding tubes


Scheme KorrVA