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Prof. Dr. Cornelius Fischer

Head of Department
Reactive Transport
Phone: +49 351 260 4660

Katrin Gerstner

Secretary Reactive Transport / Neuroradiopharmaceuticals
Research Site Leipzig
Phone: +49 351 260 4601

Nadja Pedrosa Gil

Business administration Reactive Transport
Business administration Neuroradiopharmaceuticals
Phone: +49 351 260 4690

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Dr. Karsten Franke - Reactive Transport Division


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Research Interests

Radiochemical investigation of particulate transport processes in the environment

  • Environmental fate of nanoparticles
  • Humic colloid facilitated transport processes
  • Production and application of radiotracers for environmental studies


Ongoing Projects

  • NanoSuppe - Behaviour of engineered nanoparticles in the pathway wastewater - sewage sludge - plant using the examples TiO2, CeO2, MWCNT and quantum dots“ (BMBF funded project, 2014 - 2017)

Completed projects

  • NanoTrack - Investigation of the life cycle of nanoparticles be means of [45Ti]TiO2 and [105Ag]Ag0

    (BMBF funded project, 2010 - 2014)

  • "CNTtrack - Transport of engineered carbon nanoparticles in geomatrices" (DFG funded project)
  • Site assessment and approval, design and construction approval, commissioning of the FZD cyclotron IBA 18/9 at the Leipzig research site (EFRE & Konjunkturpaket II, 2008 - 2010)

  • „Radioactive contaminations nearby historical stockpiles“

    (SMU project)
  • „Testing of cover material for uranium mine waste heaps“
    (SMUL project)

Selected Publications

  • Hildebrand, H., Schymura, S., Holzwarth, U., Gibson, N., Dalmiglio, M., Franke K.: Strategies for radiolabeling of commercial TiO2 nanopowder as a tool for sensitive nanoparticle detection in complex matrices. J. Nanopart. Res. 17 (2015) 278.
  • Hildebrand, H., Franke K.: A new radiolabeling method for commercial Ag0 nanopowder with 110mAg for sensitive nanoparticle detection in complex media. J. Nanopart. Res. 14 (2012) 1142.
  • Franke, K., Kupsch, H.: Radioiodination of humic substances, Radiochim. Acta 98 (2010) 333-339.
  • Franke, K., Patt, J.T., Kupsch, H., Warwick, P.: Radioiodination of Humic Substances via Azocoupling with 3-[125I]Iodoaniline, Environ. Sci. Technol. 42(11) (2008) 4083 - 4087.
  • Lippold, H., Franke, K., Kupsch, H., Richter, M.: Development and Application of Radiotracers for Investigations on Formation and Partitioning of Colloidal Species of Mobilised Heavy Metals in Geosystems. Migration of Actinides in the System Clay, Humic Substances, Aquifer. C. M. Marquardt. Karlsruhe, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (2008) 263-310.
  • Franke, K., Patt, J.T., Patt, M., Kupsch, H., Steinbach, J.: A new technique for radiolabelling of humic substances, Radiochim. Acta 92 (2004) 359 – 362.
  • Franke, K., Rößler, D., Kupsch, H.: “Use of radioactive tracers for the characterization of humic and fulvic acids in high performance size exclusion chromatography”, in: Ghabbour, E., Davies, G. (Hrsg.), “Humic substances: Nature's most versatile materials”, Taylor and Francis, Inc., New York, ISBN 0-59169-015-3, 2004, 3 - 8.
  • Kupsch, H., Scheinert, M., Franke, K., Schreck, P.: Verwitterungsverhalten von Bergbaurückständen in einer mittelalterlichen Schlackehalde im Erzgebirge, Zeitschrift für Angewandte Geologie (ZAG) 2 (2004) 60 – 64.
  • Franke, K., Patt, J.T., Patt, M., Kupsch, H.: “18F-Labelling of humic substances”, in: Warwick, P. (Hrsg.), “Environmental Radiochemical Analysis II”, Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge (UK), ISBN 0-85404-618-6, October 2003, 280 - 284.
  • Patt, J., Patt, M., Franke, K., Rößler, D., Kupsch, H., Stöcklin, G.: Azokupplung mit dem [18F]4-Fluordiazoniumion. Eine schonende Methode zur 18F-Markierung von Naturstoffen mit elektronenreichen aromatischen Resten; Nuklearmedizin, 2 (2001) A 18.
  • Rößler, D., Franke, K., Süß, R., Becker, E., Kupsch, H.; Synthesis and chromatographic characterization of [Tc-99m]technetium-humic acid species; Radiochim. Acta, 88 (2000) 95-100.
  • Franke, K., Rößler, D., Gottschalch, U., Kupsch, H.: Mobilization and retardation of uranium DOC species at three mine piles in Schlema/Alberoda, Saxony, Germany, Isotopes Environ. Health Stud., 36(3) (2000) 223-239.
  • Kupsch, H., Franke, K., Degering, D., Tröger, W., Butz, T.: Speciation of aquatic heavy metals in humic substances, Radiochimica Acta 73 (1996) 145-147.

Work Experience

Institution Period Country
Research Centre Dresden-Rossendorf (FZD), Institute of Radiochemistry, Research Site Leipzig (formerly IIF), Reactive Transport Division

Research associate

1999 – present Germany
Loughborough University, Department of Chemistry, Environmental Radiochemistry Group (Prof. P. Warwick)

Guest scientist

11/2004 – 2/2005 United Kingdom
University Leipzig, Faculty of Physics and Earth Science, Institute of Geophysics and Geology

Research associate

1996 – 1998 Germany
University Leipzig, Faculty of Physics and Earth Science, Division of Nuclear Solid State Physics

Diploma in Physics

1995 – 1996 Germany


  • International Humic Substance Society (IHSS)