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13th MHD-DAYS 2010
Forschungszentrum Dresden Rossendorf
Monday, November, 22
11:00-13:00 Registration & Lunch  
13:00-13:10 Welcome (F. Stefani)
13:10-13:25 Introduction (R. Sauerbrey)
13:30-15:15 First session
13:30-13:45 K.-H. Rädler Mean-field diffusivities in passive scalar and magnetic field
transport in turbulent potential flows
13:45-14:00 M. Schrinner Oscillatory dynamo models and implications
for the solar dynamo
14:00-14:15 M. Küker Internal rotation, meridional flow, and magnetic
activity of Arcturus
14:15-14:30 K. Finke Dynamo threshold of spherical Couette flows with and
without global rotation
14:30-14:45 A. Hubbard Magnetic helicity fluxes in an α2-dynamo embedded in a halo
14:45-15:00 J. Léorat Work in progress on precession driving of dynamo action
15:00-16:00 Coffee break and Poster session
  A. Jackson Inviscid treatment of the dynamics of Earth's core
  W. Dietrich Lateral cmb heat flux variations as a model for Martian
paleomagnetic field
  J. Ernst-Hullermann Precession-driven dynamos
  V. Travnikov Influence of an axial magnetic field on the
stability of spherical Couette flows with different gap widths
  A. Giesecke High permeability material and dynamo action
  G. Pulugundla Numerical investigation of wall bounded liquid metal flow
in the presence of a small permanent magnet
  S. Tympel Kinematic Simulation of liquid duct flow in the
presence of a magnetic dipole
  M. Gramß Calibration of a Lorentz Force Flowmeter
  K. Timmel The steady magnetic field impact on the mould flow
in the continuous casting process of steel
  D. Buchenau Force-free and contactless electromagnetic flow rate sensors
16:00-18:00 Second session
16:00-16:15 F. Busse Remarks on some typical assumptions made in dynamo theory
16:15-16:30 J.-F. Pinton VKS dynamo and dynamics
16:30-16:45 J. Brestensky Hydromagnetic instability in rotating planar layer determined
by anisotropic diffusivities
16:45-17:00 A. Marsenic Conditions for localization of convection to a
magnetic shear layer
17:00-17:15 J. Wicht Instabilities in the Spherical-Couette system
17:15-17:30 L. Petitdemange Magnetostrophic MRI in planetary interiors
17:30-17:45 M. Gellert Nonaxisymmetric standard MRI in MH Taylor-Couette flows
17:45-18:00 G. Gerbeth The DRESDYN project at FZD
18:15 Departure for the hotel "Pappritzer Hof"
18:30 Arrival & check in at "Pappritzer Hof"
19:30 Conference dinner (Pappritzer Hof)
Tuesday, November, 23

Control of the Liquid Metal Droplet in High Frequency Magnetic Field -->

8:30 Departure at the "Pappritzer Hof"
9:00-10:30 Third session
9:00-9:15 M. Mond Transient Growth and Spectral Instabilities in Thin Keplerian Disks
9:15-9:30 M. Flaig Magnetorotational Turbulence in Protoplanetary Discs
9:30-9:45 M. Stute Launching jets from truncated accretion disks
09:45-10:00 T. Kondic Shear-Hall Instability in Spherical Geometry
10:00-10:15 R. Arlt Mean-field coefficients from the Tayler instability
10:15-10:45 Coffee break
10:45-11:45 Fourth session
10:45-11:00 W.-C. Müller The inverse cascade of magnetic helicity
11:00-11:15 V. Tanriverdi Power spectrum of the numerical geodynamo
11:15-11:30 J. Pratt Lagrangian Statistics of 3D MHD and MHD Convection
11:30-11:45 A. Tilgner Temporal fluctuations in dynamos with kolmogorovian turbulence
11:45-13:00 Visit of the MHD experimental hall
13:00-14:00 Lunch  
14:00-15:30 Fifth session
14:00-14:15 A. Thess Marbles and Magnets
14:15-14:30 T. Boeck DNS of transition and turbulence in wall-bounded MHD flows
14:30-14:45 S. Dong Instability of streaks in channel flow with streamwise magnetic field
15:00-15:15 S. Miralles A novel magnetic probe for velocity measurements in conducting fluids
15:15-15:30 T. Wondrak Examination of different flow regimes in the mold of a model
of continuous casting using the contactless inductive flow tomography
15:30-16:00 Coffee break  
16:00-17:00 Sixth session
16:00-16:15 Y. Kolesnikov Pipe flow under Halbach MF for implementation in LFV
16:15-16:30 C. Heinicke Local resolution of LFV in a liquid metal duct flow
16:30-16:45 M. Kirpo Eddy current breaking of a translating conducting bar
by a magnetic dipole
16:45-17:00 Discussion & Closing

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