Dr. Roland Beyer

Beam line scientist, radiation protection officer FWK
Nuclear Physics
Phone: +49 351 260 3281

Data Acquisition Manual: How to run Neutron Time of Flight Measurements at nELBE (up to June 2010)

(latest version)

- Transmission Experiment -

To run neutron time of flight measurement you first have to do some preparations:

1. switch on the electronics  
  The following has to be done because the electonics setup is the same as for the n,n'g experiments, where some additional VME modules are used. These modules have to be initialised first.
  login to RIO7: telnet rio7
user name: ntofdaq
password: ***********
  remove interrupt request settings vmeconfig -c
  go to working directory cd mbsrun/nng/
  start prompter prm
  intitialize MBS @start
  start a short run rio3::start acq
  stop the run rio3::stop acq
  leave MBS @stop
  reset RIOs resa (2x)
  wait until reset is done -> no more network processes with rio3 and rio6 should show up netstat
2. go to working directory cd ~/mbsrun/ntot/
  start prompter prm
  intitialize MBS @start
3. login to urania (in another terminal window) ssh -X ntofdaq@urania
password: ***********
  go to working directory cd mbsrun/ntot
  open setup_vme_0.ini and setup_vme_1.ini for text editing (if you want to do some special settings) xemacs setup_vme_0.ini &
xemacs setup_vme_1.ini &
  open mbslog.l, mbsprint_vme_0.l and mbsprint_vme_1.l for monitoring (each in its own terminal window) tail -f mbslog.l
tail -f mbsprint_vme_0.l
tail -f mbsprint_vme_1.l
4. run the automatic setup of the V874B TAPS Modules (see here)
5. login to fwk24 (HV control PC)
turn on the detectors you want to use (cf. cabeling scheme)
rdesktop -g 1240x900 -a 16 -k de fwk24
start isegCANHVControl via desktop shortcut
6. login to zirkonia
go to directory for list mode data files
start RFIO dispatcher
ssh -X ntofdaq@zirkonia
cd /datalokal/ntofdaq/lmd/
7. login to rio3 or rio6
go to working directory
start OPC readout
telnet rio6
cd mbsrun/ntot

Now the measurement can be started. This has to be done in the MBS prompter (prm):

1. open list mode file open file size=900 -auto -rfiodisk
if it is the first file enter:
open file zirkonia:filename_.lmd first=1 size=900 -auto -rfiodisk
2. start acquisition rio3::sta acq
3. wait ...
4. stop acquisition rio3::stop acq
5. close list mode file close file
6. note down the values of the live and dead time given at the end of mbsprint_vme_0.l