Workshop on Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy

Date 19.10.2010, seminar room 120/018, Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Venue Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Lecture Hall Building 120
Scope and Goals Strategical development of positron annihilation spectroscopy at the FZD
Organizers Andreas Wagner (FWK), K. Potzger (FWI)

The intention is to combine the efforts of three institutes and external partners with the emphasis on a coherent strategy for the application of the various techniques based on positron annihilation spectroscopy (PAS).
At the FZD, four complementary techniques are available for PAS

  • SPONSOR: source-based positron beam with energies up to 30 keV for depth-resolved defect concentration and characterization using Doppler-broadening spectroscopy.
  • LT: source-based positron lifetime spectroscopy with LHe-cryostat
  • GiPS: accelerator-based gamma-induced positron lifetime spectroscopy setup for bulk material and radioactive samples.
  • MePS: accelerator-based mono-energetic positron source for depth-resolved defect concentration and characterization using Doppler-broadening spectroscopy.

The talks shall focus on the applicability of positron annihilation spectroscopy for the specific scientific issues.

Time Duration Contributor Title
09:00 10' A. Wagner Opening remarks and objectives
09:10 30' R. Krause-Rehberg Experimental facilities: MePS at ELBE
09:40 10' W. Anwand Experimental facilities: SPONSOR and LT
09:50 10' M. Butterling Experimental facilities: GiPS
10:00 20' K. Potzger In-situ characterization of defect evolution at magnetic interfaces - future topics and techniques
10:20 20' H. Schmidt Electrical characterization of oxygen vacancies in oxides by means of space charge spectroscopy
10:40 20' W. Skorupa Atmosphere induced modifications of shallow junctions in silicon
11:00 20' F. Bergner Advanced nuclear materials: diagnostic tools and material developments
11:20 20' K. Fahmy Applications of positrons in biological sciences
12:30 30' Lunch break
13:00 60' Coffee & Discussion

List of participants (confirmed):


Prof. Reinhard Krause-Rehbergc, Marco Jungmann


Wolfgang Anwandc, Maik Butterlingc, Prof. Thomas E.Cowan, Andreas Wagnerc


Prof. Manfred Helmc, Kay Potzgerc, Heidemarie Schmidt, Wolfgang Skorupa


Frank Bergnerc, Eberhard Altstadt


Karim Fahmyc


Prof. Roland Sauerbreyc