Mini-Workshop on Applications of Electron Bremsstrahlung

Location: Lecture hall, building 120, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf


Monday, 17.01.2011
09:00 Arrival and Opening Andreas Wagner
10:00 Visit of the ELBE facility Peter Michel
12:30 Lunch at HZDR ./.
  Presentations and Discussion  
13:30 Overview of ELBE and experiments w/ bremsstrahlung Andreas Wagner
14:00 Overview of TAC İskender Akkurt
14:45 Simulations of bremsstrahlung radiator Nilgun Demir
15:30 Coffee  
16:00 Beam dump design Ozan Tekin
16:45 Discussion  
18:00 Dinner  
Tuesday, 18.01.2011
  Presentations and Discussion  
09:00 Photon Scattering and Photodissociation at the ELBE Accelerator Ronald Schwengner
09:45 Dipole-strength functions in Kr-86 and Ba-136 Ralph Massarczyk
10:30 Simulating gamma spectra from photon scattering experiments Georg Schramm
11:15 Coffee  
11:45 Gamma-induced positron annihilation spectroscopy Maik Butterling
12:30 Lunch at HZDR and coffee  
14:00 Mono-energetic positron annihilation spectroscopy Wolfgang Anwand
14:45 Discussion  
15:30 Visit of the ELBE facility Peter Michel
17:00 Round table discussions  
18:00 End  


  • Prof.Dr. İskender Akkurt, Süleyman Demirel Universitesi, Turkey
  • Prof.Dr.Mahmut Dogru, Bitlis University, Turkey
  • Asist. Prof. Dr. Nilgun Demir, Uludag University, Turkey
  • Asoc. Prof. Dr. Gultekin Yegin, Celal Bayar University, Turkey
  • Ozan Tekin, Süleyman Demirel Universitesi, Turkey
  • Dr. Andreas Wagner, HZDR
  • Dr. Ronald Schwengner, HZDR
  • Ralph Massarczyk, TU Dresden and HZDR
  • Georg Schramm, TU Dresden and HZDR
  • Wolfgang Anwand, HZDR
  • Maik Butterling, Martin-Luther-Univ. Halle and HZDR