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PREM (Preisach simulations)

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- Magnetic materials, TUBA Freiberg, summer semester

Magnetic Multilayers

Key investigator

Dr. M. Liedke



Ion beams can induce several kinds of structures at the surface of solids. Those are either point-like defects, which can alter the electronic or magnetic properties of the surface or morphological changes such as self organized ordered ripples induced by ion beam erosion. In-situ deposition of a thin metallic layer onto such a surface can influence its magnetic properties, e.g. magnetic anisotropy. The effects are investigated mainly for oxide/metal interfaces.


Example for a magnetic film exhibiting two independent magnetic anisotropies. The uinidirectional (exchange-bias) anisotropy can be setup in a desired direction with respect to the uniaxial ripple induced anisotropy.

Ripple I (a) Microscopic image of an exchange-bias film deposited on a substrate with self-organized ripples

(c) TEM cross section

Ripple II Magnetic hysteresis curves recorded at two different orientations of both anisotropy contributions.

Left: 1°

Right: 86°


Interlayer exchange coupling of Fe/Cr/Fe thin films on rippled substrates

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Phys. Rev. B 80, 214401 (2009).

Introducing artificial length scales to tailor magnetic properties

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Induced anisotropies in exchange-coupled systems on rippled substrates

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