Dr. Roland Beyer

Beam line scientist, radiation protection officer FWK
Nuclear Physics
Phone: +49 351 260 3281

Data Acquisition Manual: How to run Neutron Time of Flight Measurements at nELBE (Up to July 2011)

(latest version)

- Inelastic Scattering Experiment -

To run neutron time of flight measurement you first have to do some preparations:

1. switch on the electronics  
2. login to RIO7: telnet rio7
user name: ntofdaq
password: ***********
  remove interrupt request settings vmeconfig -c
  go to working directory cd mbsrun/nng/
  start prompter prm
  intitialize MBS @start
3. login to urania (in another terminal window) ssh -X ntofdaq@urania
password: ***********
  go to working directory cd mbsrun/nng
  open setup_vme_0.ini and setup_vme_1.ini for text editing (if you want to do some special settings) xemacs setup_vme_0.ini &
xemacs setup_vme_1.ini &
  open mbslog.l, mbsprint_vme_0.l and mbsprint_vme_1.l for monitoring (each in its own terminal window) tail -f mbslog.l
tail -f mbsprint_vme_0.l
tail -f mbsprint_vme_1.l
4. run the automatic setup of the V874B TAPS Modules (see here)
5. login to fwk24 (HV control PC)
turn on the detectors you want to use (cf. cabeling scheme)
rdesktop -g 1240x900 -a 16 -k de fwk24
start isegCANHVControl via desktop shortcut
6. login to zirkonia
go to directory for list mode data files
start RFIO dispatcher
ssh -X ntofdaq@zirkonia
cd /hdd2/ntofdaq/lmd/
7. login to rio6
go to working directory
start OPC readout
telnet rio6
cd mbsrun/nng

Now the measurement can be started. This has to be done in the MBS prompter (prm):

1. open list mode file open file size=900 -auto -rfiodisk
if it is the first file enter:
open file fwk28:filename_.lmd first=1 size=900 -auto -rfiodisk
2. start acquisition rio3::sta acq
3. wait ...
4. stop acquisition rio3::stop acq
5. close list mode file close file
6. note down the values of the live and dead time given at the end of mbsprint_vme_0.l

Step 1 and 2 can also be executed with the command @startrun

Step 4 and 5 can also be executed with the command @stoprun