Proseminar "Understanding the Universe" WS 2011/12

Proseminar "Understanding the Universe" 

WS 2011/12 DI(4) SE2/122

Profs. T. E. Cowan, M. Kobel, A. Straessner, K. Zuber

Drs. D. Bemmerer, M. Bussmann, F. Fiedler, A.R. Junghans, A. Wagner

Contact: A.Junghans{at}

Seminar programm and list of topics as pdf download (including email links)

Date: Topic: Tutor: Speaker:
11.10.2011 0. Introduction Guide to Scientific Presentations   Tom Cowan
18.10.2011 1. Radioactivity in our everyday life: Dosimetry and uses of radioactivity (medical, nuclear dating) Fine Fiedler Martin Dommert
25.10.2011 2. The Story of Matter   Tom Cowan xxxxxxxxx
25.10.2011 3. Accelerating and detecting particles: Particle accelerators and colliders  Tom Cowan Martin Serfling
01.11.2011 4. Accelerating and detecting particles: Particle detectors Andreas Wagner Tom Giessgen
08.11.2011 5. Understanding nuclei and their decay Andreas Wagner Linnart Zähr
15.11.2011 6. Revelations of the neutrino: Weak interactions (beta decay, double beta decay) Kai Zuber Sebastian Liebschner
22.11.2011 7. Revelations of the Neutrino: Mass of the neutrino (KATRIN) Kai Zuber Christoph Wuttke
29.11.2011 8. The standard model, the Higgs and Beyond  Arno Straessner Patrick Kneschke
06.12.2011 9. Nuclear Power: The fission mechanism and nuclear energy Arnd Junghans Philipp Büttner
06.12.2011 10. Nuclear Power: Transmutation of nuclear waste Arnd Junghans Markus Karl
13.12.2011 11. Nuclear Power: Fusion reactions and Fusion energy (NIF, ITER) Tom Cowan Martin Rehwald
20.12.2011 12. Origin of the chemical elements: The big bang and primordial nucleosynthesis Daniel Bemmerer Sebastian Hutsch
10.01.2011 13.Physics of Stars: Properties of Matter and Radiation Michael Bussmann Dominique Wülfing
10.01.2011 14. Origin of the chemical elements: Stellar evolution and explosions Daniel Bemmerer Marcel Grieger
17.01.2012 15. Cosmology: The cosmic microwave background Michael Kobel Paul-Anton Will
24.01.2012 16. Cosmology: The missing mass problem and Dark matter Michael Bussmann Marco Garten
31.01.2012 17. Cosmology: The expansion of the universe and dark energy Michael Kobel Johannes Radtke



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  2. W. Demtröder
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  3. J.L. Basdevant, J. Rich, M. Spiro

Fundamentals in Nuclear Physics – From nuclear structure to cosmology 

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  1. A.C. Phillips
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A "Semesterapparat" Z018 has been arranged at SLUB including these books.