How do you apply to the HZDR Summer Student Program?

These are the application steps:

Fill out the application form.  Application ends on February 28st 2023.

  • Select two of the main research fields you would like to work on during your stay (matter, health, technology or energy), identify your 1st and 2nd choice. You can find a short describtion of the fields as well as some projects from previous years here.
  • Select the kind of work you would prefer to do (experimental, scientific computing or data analysis).
  • In case you already know your supervisor, please write down his/her name in the space provided in the registration form and remind him to apply as well.
  • Specify the period of time you are available. We expect you to stay for at least 6 weeks, presence during the lecture periode from July 26th to August 25th is obligatory.
  • Upload a Curriculum Vitae.
  • Upload a copy of your academic grades/records.
  • Upload a copy of your student ID.
  • You will receive a link where the professor or senior scientist can upload his letter of recommendation. Please make sure, that we receive the letter before the deadline.
  • Acceptance or rejection notifications will be sent by email once the selection has been made, no later than mid of April 2023.

The application ends February 28st 2023.