THz based electron bunch diagnosticFirst TELBE shifts - THz photondiagnostic collaboration

THz based electron bunch diagnostic a new field of research to be pursued at ELBE. In collaboration with colleagues from DESY, KIT and SLAC this  project aims to study the electron bunch form in a unique combination of more conventional spectral analysis of the frequency content of the emitted coherent THz radiation from a broad band and narrow band source with novel FT-IR/Martin Puplett spectrometers as well as novel laser based techniques that directly measure the coulomb field of the passing electron bunch or the emitted coherent THz pulses directly in the time domain. The latter two approaches also allows to directly determine the arrival time of the electron bunches on a few femtosecond timescale ([1,3]). The work is based on previous work carried out at the prototype coherent THz facility at FLASH [2,4] and is pursued in strong collaboration with colleagues from DESY, DLR, X-FEL and the PTB. The activities are pursued within the HGF program Accelerator Reserach and Development (ARD) and here within the sub topic: fs - ps electron and photon beams where TELBE serves as a Test facility for diagnostic on quasi-cw electron beams

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