PhD thesis

Investigation of Uranium Binding Forms in Relevant Environmental Waters and Bio-fluids

Laboratory Osman

PhD student:
Alfatih A. A. Osman
Prof. Dr. G. Bernhard, Dr. G. Geipel (HZDR)


  • To investigate the complexation of uranium with some single bioligands, viz., urea, uric acid, folic acid and riboflavin, which commonly present in biological fluids or in bio-system.
  • To find out the uranium speciation in natural mineral waters and in relevant simulated bio-fluids, like saliva, sweat, and urine.
  • To compare the calculated thermodynamic data of uranium binding form based on newest data compilations with the data obtained from spectroscopic measurements of the simulated and original bio-fluids.

Technical bases:

  • Laser spectroscopy at low temperatures (cryo-TRLFS) is dedicated for uranium speciation in natural waters and in bio-fluids
  • Room temperature TRLFS and femto second laser (fs-TRLFS) are used for complex formation studies
  • TRLFS at room and elevated temperatures is dedicated for measuring temperature dependent thermodynamic data

This research is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).