Prof. Dr. Thomas Cowan

Director Institute of Radiation Physics
Phone: +49 351 260 2270

PD Dr. Toma Toncian

Head Project Group "Construction and Commissioning of HIBEF"
laser and plasma scientist
Phone: +49 40 8998 6869

Marlit Looden

Team Assistance Project Group "Construction and Commissioning of HIBEF"
Phone: +49 40 8998 6069



Helmholtz International Beamline for Extreme Fields at the European XFEL


The Helmholtz International Beamline for Extreme Fields at the European XFEL is a project driven by DESY, Helmholtz-Institute Jena and HZDR to establish multi-purpose high-power and ultra-intense lasers as well as high-field magnets at the HED endstation of the European XFEL. It will constitute a world-wide unique combination of ultra-high power lasers and high-field magnets with a high-brilliance X-ray source. It will extend the scope of research that can be carried out at the European XFEL beyond the baseline instruments, especially in the following science fields:


  • strong-field physics

  • high energy density science

  • relativistic laser-plasma physics

  • high-pressure astro- and planetary-physics

  • dynamic materials research

  • magnetic phenomena in condensed matter


A User-Consortium was established in 2012 to gather interested research groups and to coordinate their interests and contributions.

The User-Consortium consists of over 80 groups from more than 60 institutes from 16 nations. It comprises more than 350 scientists and more than 300 PhD students.


The following people have agreed to coordinate distinct aspects within the User-Consortium (as at September 2015):

In the Documents section you may find further information, such as which groups are members of the User-Consortium or which groups intend to contribute at a certain topic.