Dr. Roland Beyer

Beam line scientist, radiation protection officer FWK
Nuclear Physics
Phone: +49 351 260 3281

Spectrum Conversion with gef2satan.exe (up to January 2012)

(latest version)

To convert the Spectra created by LEA (ending .gef) into files that can easily be read by SATAN or imported to EXCEL or ORIGIN you can use the program gef2satan.exe. It can be found on FWK28 in the directory "/home/ntofda/gef2satan/". Its source code is placed on FWK28 in "/home/ntofdaq/C-Prog/gef2satan/".

The program itself consists of the following 3 files:

  • gef2satan.exe

the executeable (use the command "./gef2satan.exe")

  • gef2satan.ini

the initialisation file (ASCII, see below)

  • gef2satan.lst

the list of .gef spectra files (ASCII, produced via "ls /home/ntofadaq/gef/nelbe_*.gef > gef2satan.lst")

In the file gef2satan.ini several options to control the conversion can be set. Each option has to be written in the format "option = value". The following options are possible, which have the following meaning.

Option Meaning possible Values Standard
infile name of the .gef file to be converted or a file containing a list of .gef files, note: if the files are not in the same directory as the gef2satan.exe, they have to be given with their absolute path (e.g. "/home/ntofdaq/gef/nelbe_0000.gef") any path gef2satan.lst
list defines if the infile is .gef file itself or if it is a list of .gef files 0: infile is a .gef

1: infile is a list of .gefs

separatespectra defines if 2D spectra will be split by their y value and are converted into 1D ones, each contained in an own file (this is useful for separating e.g. the sumtdcs2.gef into several files, one for each plastic detector) 0: 2D sepctra stay 2D
1: 2D spectra become 1D
twodlong defines the output format of 2D spectra, whether in 3 columns containing x, y and z value (for ORIGIN) or using a short format that containing only the the z values in the order of rising x and y in 8 columns (for SATAN) 0: short format (SATAN)
1: xyz (ORIGIN)
twodmatrix defines the output format of 2D spectra; the format will containing only the the z values in the order of rising x and y, whether in matrix format, that means one single line for every y value, or in 8 column format (same as for "twodlong = 0") 0: 8 columns
1: matrix
deleteempty defines if spectra that contain only zeroes will be deleted 0: not delete
1: delete empty spectra
comment defines the verbosity level of the program 0: some comments
1: a lot of comments