Dr. Roland Beyer

Beam line scientist, radiation protection officer FWK
Nuclear Physics
Phone: +49 351 260 3281

How to use the ELBE WinCC

(latest version)

The ELBE Windows-Control-Center (WinCC) can be used to control the shutter/absorber of the neutron collimator in room 123 and 111c. To do this, you have to perform the following steps:

1. login in to fwk83 user: ntofdaq
  (Windows PC in room 40/204) password: **********
2. connect to elbe13 via vnc client double click "VNC Viewer 4"
    password: **********
3. login to WinCC press F10
    Login: nl-user
    Passwort: **********
4. if the message board opens up click on "Öffnen / Schließen Message Board" button in the button column at the left side of the screen (4th from top)
5. find the right view click on "PSS" in top line of the window

Now you are allowed to move both shutters of the neutron collimator and to lock your settings, so that they cannot be changed by the operator without callback.