Materials Science Using Ions

Lecturers: Dr. Shengqiang Zhou and Prof. Manfred Helm


1 General introduction: ions/irradiation in our life, what to be covered in this course...

2 Fundamental: interaction between ions and solids

3 SRIM - The Stopping and Range of Ions in Solids

4 Ion implantation: doping, semiconductor industry application

5 Ion implantation: synthesis, magnetic semiconductors

6 Ion implantation/irradiation: defect engineering (microelectronics, optics...)

7 Ion beam analysis: Rutherford backscattering

8 Ion beam analysis: Channeling (impurity lattice location)

9 Ion beam analysis: more than RBS

10 Lab tour/lab course (upon request) at HZDR

11 New development: single ion implantation, plasma immersed ion implantation