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Recent publications in refereed journals

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Krull, B.; Meller, R.; Tekavcic, M.; Schlegel, F.

A filtering approach for applying the two-fluid model to gas-liquid flows on high resolution grids

Chemical Engineering Science (2024)

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Lai, L.; Brandenburg, J.-E.; Chekhonin, P.; Duplessi, A.; Cuvilly, F.; Etienne, A. et al.

Microstructure-informed prediction of hardening in ion-irradiated reactor pressure vessel steels

Metals (2024)

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Arnold, F. M.; Ghasemifard, A.; Kuc, A. B.; Heine, T.

Implementing electronic signatures of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride in twisted bilayer molybdenum disulfide

Materials Today (2024)

Cegla, P.; Hofheinz, F.; Czepczyński, R.; Witkowska, K.; Hoff, J.; Trojanowski, M. et al.

Value of [18F] FDG PET/CT parameters of the primary tumor in assessing overall survival in NSCLC patients with cN1-cN3 lymph nodes involvement

Reports of Practical Oncology and Radiotherapy (2024)

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Puchhammer, P.; Kalubowila, C.; Braus, L.; Pospiech, S.; Sarala, P.; Filzmoser, P.

A Performance Study of Local Outlier Detection Methods for Mineral Exploration with Geochemical Compositional Data

Journal of Geochemical Exploration (2024)

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Vorberger, J.; Preston, T. R.; Medvedev, N.; Böhme, M.; Moldabekov, Z.; Kraus, D. et al.

Revealing Non-equilibrium and Relaxation in Laser Heated Matter

Physics Letters A 499(2024)5, 129362

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Lender, T.; Braga Ferreira Dos Santos, L.; Gericke, R.; Huittinen, N. M.; Peters, L.

Optimisation of synthesis procedures and structural investigation of monazite-cheralite solid solutions

MRS Advances (2024)

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Sobczyk, M.; Dinh, N.; Marzec, M.; Bazarkina, E.; Kvashnina, K.; Cwanek, A. et al.

Insights into uranium sequestration by coal fly-ash-derived zeolites: Understanding via wet-chemistry, and advanced spectroscopies

Journal of Cleaner Production (2024)

Loidolt, C.; Zimmermann, R.; Tusa, L.; Lorenz, S.; Ebert, D.; Gloaguen, R. et al.

New insights into REE mineralisation of Storkwitz carbonatite

The Canadian Mineralogist 60(2023)6, 913-932

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Richter, S.; Gilson, S.; Braga Ferreira Dos Santos, L.; Huittinen, N. M.

Optimizing synthesis strategies for the production of single-phase zirconates with Ce and Nd co-doping

MRS Advances (2024), 023601

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