Dr. René Hübner

Head Structural Analysis
Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Phone: +49 351 260 3174

Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) is used for analysis of

  • Phase formation in nanomaterials
  • Structure of thin layers including surface and interface roughness
  • Element composition in the nanometer range

Shaping of Co-Pt particles in an silicon oxide matrix during thermal treatment and ion irradiation


Fig. 1. Cross-sectional TEM bright-field image of an SiO2 quartz glass sample implanted with cobalt and platinum followed by a thermal treatment at 1000 °C and an irradiation process with 4 MeV Si+ beam at 300 °C.


Fig. 2. Cross-sectional HAADF-STEM image with the EDXS analysis position marked by a red square.


Fig. 3. EDX spectrum of the position marked with a red square in Fig. 2. Besides cobalt and platinum from the particle, silicon and oxygen from the quartz substrate are detected.