Diploma- & Master thesis

Development of an ATHLET model for the EBR-II SHRT-17 experiment

Master student:
Maciej Skierski
Dr. B. Merk, A. Hoffmann
Reactor safety
Wrocław University of Technology (WTU)


The Experimental Breeder Reactor-II (EBR-II) at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is a unique experimental facility for experiments for sodium cooled fast reactor.

In 1984 the INL carried out some loss-of-flow tests. One of them is the Shutdown Heat Removal Test -17 (SHRT-17) which is a protected loss of flow experiment.

In preparation of an IAEA benchmark exercise there is a benchmark specification for the SHRT-17 available. The description will be used to build a model for the EBR-II. Furthermore the already available results of the experiment should be used to validate simulation tools and models within the IAEA benchmark.

The target of the thesis is the development of an ATHLET model for the EBR-II and the simulation of the SHRT-17 experiment.