Data Acquisition Manual for NeuLAND MRPC Experiments (FPGA version; RIO type IV)

red: changed or additional commands for RIO type IV

  How to start the data acquisition:    
1. switch on electronics    
  check network connections    
2. log in to zirkonia ssh rpcdaq@zirkonia -X
password: ***********
3. go to mbs directory cd mbsrun/neuland  
4. open and check "settings.txt" xemacs settings.txt &  
start RFIO server
5. log in to fwklux5 (in another window) ssh rpcdaq@fwklux5 -X  
6. go to data directory cd /data/fwkk/neuland  
7. start RFIO server rawDispRFIO  
start data acquisition
8. log in to rio (in another window) ssh rpcdaq@rio40
password: **********
9. go to mbs directory cd mbsrun/neuland  
10. start mbs mbs  
11. start data acquisition @start
sta acq -cle
12. connect to RFIO server connect rfio fwklux5 -disk  
  How to display scaler values    
1. log in to rio (in another window) ssh rpcdaq@rio40
password: **********
2. go to mbs directory cd mbsrun/neuland  
3. start shm2file shm2file  
4. open terminal windows and log in to zirkonnia ssh rpcdaq@zirkonia -X
user name: rpcdaq
password: ********
5. start shell script to display scalers scaler_neuland  
How to open and close files:
1. go into window running the mbs    
2. open file open file -rfio -auto size=filesize  
3. check file size sho acq  
4. close file close file  
How to stop the data acquisition:
1. go into window running the mbs    
2. stop data acquisition sto acq  
3. shutdown Go4 online analysis    
4. disconnet from RFIO server disconnet rfio  
5. stop mbs @stop  
6. leave mbs exit  
How to write an elog entry:
1. start firefox/iceweasel    
2. go to elog HZDR elog  
3. log in user name: rpcdaq
password: n*******
How to move the RPC
1. log on FWK73 rdesktop -u nrfdaq -d fzr -g 1240x900 -a 24 -k de -T FWK73 &
user: nrfdaq
password: ********
2. run MDrive programm   test
How to switch on/off NPS manually
NPS = NetworkPowerSwitch
1. run firefox    
2. open NPS website http://nps1203
3. log in user: admin
password: ********
4. switch on/off  
5. log out    
How to settings (settings.txt usage)
  The setting file contains scaler parameters for TDC, QDC and FPGA.  
1. log in to zirkonia (in another window) ssh rpcdaq@zirkonia -X
user name: rpcdaq
password: ********
2. go to mbs directory cd mbsrun/neuland  
3. open setting file xemacs setting.txt &  
4. edit and save    
  • Scaler parameters
    scaling time = x -> Time of the scaling period in seconds. x = [0 ... 2^16-1]
    enable on the fly update = x -> Determines wether the data acquisition updates the scaling time or not. If the parameter is 1, the DAQ checks after every scaler readout the settings.txt file and reads the scaling time parameter. If the parameter has changes since the last time, the daq will update parameter in the according register. If the parameter is 0, the DAQ only read the scaling time during the initalization process.
  • Trigger logic
    The NeuLAND Trigger condition can be set via the settings file without changing the cabling. To define a trigger, on must choose which signal is part of the trigger and their logical connection.
    Trigger function = x -> defines the logical connection between the selected signals
  • x = 0 -> Trigger = OR of selected signals
    x = 1 -> Trigger = AND of selected signals
    Trigger ... = y -> defines if signal is part of trigger
    y = 0 -> Signal is not part of trigger
    y = 1 -> Signal is part of trigger
  • TDC parameters
    TDC search window width = x -> Set width of the TDC match window in ns; step size = 25ns
    TDC search window offset = x -> Set offset of the TDC match window in ns with respect to the trigger itself, i.e. the time difference between the start of the match window and the trigger time; step size = 25ns
  • QDC parameters
    QDC delay = d -> Set the delay of the QDC gate.
    delay = 25 ns + d · 1 ns
    QDC gate  = w -> Set the width of the QDC gate width.
    width = 25 ns + w · 1 ns
    x and y can be set in the range from 0 to 255.
  • FPGA parameters
    FPGA Scaler = x ->Enable/Disable the readout of scaler values.
    Mask Port ... = x -> Each input of the V1495 can be masked. Therefore each signal is connected with its according bit in the mask register via a logical AND. If the bit is 1, the signal passes. If the bit is 0, the signal is blocked.
Please keep the format of the lines. In the box below is an examplary settings.txt. (Every line is necessary, the blank ones too. Please copy the whole blue text.)

Settings for NeuLAND MRPC data acquisition

scaling time = 1
enable on the fly update = 1
Trigger function = 0
Trigger S1      = 0
Trigger S2      = 0
Trigger S3      = 1
Trigger S4      = 0
Trigger S5      = 0
Trigger S6      = 0
Trigger RF      = 0
TDC search window width = 400
TDC search window offset = 200
QDC delay = 120
QDC gate  = 120
FPGA Scaler = 1
Mask Port A = 0xFFFFFFFF
Mask Port B = 0xFFFFFFFF
Mask Port C = 0xFFFFFFFF
Mask Port D = 0xFFFFFFFF
Mask Port E = 0xFFFFFFFF
Mask Port F = 0xFFFFFFFF


Trouble shooting
The Go4 online analysis hangs up during the initialization if the stream server on the rio does not run correct. In this case perform the following procedure:

  • stop and close all instances of the Go4 online analysis.
  • stop data acquisition and mbs
  • leave mbs and reset the RIO with the resl or resa command

Now the RIO is reset. With restarting the data acquisition the Go4 online analysis should connect to the stream server. If it still hangs up you have to reboot the rio.

  • repeat the aforementioned procedure
  • reboot the RIO
    log in as super user with su command
    go to sbin directory and use reboot

See also Data Acquisition Manual for Nuclear Physics Experiments from A. Wagner.

See also MBS guide from R. Kotte.