21st Annual Conference of the German Crystallographic Society (DGK) 2013 Freiberg

The DGK Annual Conference 2013 was organized by the Memriox project partners Prof. Dr. Dirk C. Mayer, Dr. Barbara Abendroth, Prof. Dr. Sibylle Gemming, the member of the Memriox Scientific Board Prof. Dr. David Rafaja, and others.

The evening lecture was given by the 2011 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Prof. Dr. Dan Shechtman and was chaired by Dirk Meyer. /p>

Photo DGK Annual meeting 2013 (1) Photo DGK Annual meeting 2013 (1)

The following presentations from the Memriox consortium were given:

  • Electric field stabilized polar phase in strontium titanate single crystals at room temperature,
    J. Hanzig, M. Zschornak, B. Abendroth, F. Hanzig, E. Mehner, H. Stöcker, C. Röder A. Talkenberger, G. Schreiber, D. Rafaja, S. Gemming, and D. C. Meyer
  • Strontium titanate surface modifications due to Nitrogen implantation investigated by grazing incidence X-ray absorption near-edge spectroscopy,
    H. Stöcker, M. Zschornak, B. Abendroth, A. Lehmann, C. Richter, and D. C. Meyer
  • Anatase and rutile formation in atomic layer deposition of TiO2,
    B. Abendroth, S. Rentrop, T. Moebus, R. Strohmeyer, F. Hanzig, H. Stöcker, and D. C. Meyer
  • Composition profiles across the metal-Nb2O5-metal stacks for resistive switching as studied by EDX and EELS,
    F. Hanzig, J. Veselý, M. Motylenko, A. Leuteritz, H. Mähne T. Mikolajick, and D. Rafaja
  • Microscopic processes in energy and data storage,
    S. Gemming

One session was chaired by Peter Zahn.