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Dr. Anja Feldmann

Head Radioimmunology
Phone: +49 351 458 3428

Marita Kersten

Secretariat / Administration
Institute of Radio­pharma­ceutical Cancer Research
Phone: +49 351 260 3223

Department of Radioimmunology

The work of the Department of Radioimmunology is focused on the development of novel immunotheranostic strategies for the therapy and diagnosis of tumors. Our technologies include antibody (Ab)-based and cellular immunotherapies which are based on chimeric antigen receptors (CARs). On the one hand, we develop recombinant bispecific humanized Abs and Ab-derivatives for the redirection of immune T lymphocytes to target and kill tumor cells. On the other hand, we develop switchable adapter CAR platforms, namely the UniCAR and RevCAR system. Thereby, adapter CAR-expressing immune cells (T cells, NK cells) can be steered by adapter molecules (namely target modules, TMs) allowing an effective and safe personalized immunotherapy. In order to further improve immunotherapies, we try to understand and modulate the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment (TME) via targeting regulatory T cells or checkpoint molecules. Additionally, we investigate the combination of these immunotherapies with other anti-tumor therapeutic approaches, especially external or internal radiotherapy. In fact, our TMs can be radiolabeled and used for tumor targeting and/or imaging depending on the selected radionuclide. Due to its modular character our platform technology is broadly applicable also for infectious or autoimmune diseases and transplantation rejection reactions (e.g. graft versus host diseases). 

Research Topics


Projects & Support

  • HORIZON- Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)-Doctoral Networks: “An integrated approach to restore tolerance in autoimmune disease (TOLERATE)”,
    Foto: Tolerate Logo ©Copyright: Dr. Anja Feldmann
Foto: OncoProTools Logo ©Copyright: Dr. Anja Feldmann 
  • Else-Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung (EKFS)-Ausschreibung “Projekte zur Verhinderung von Infektionen durch Tröpfchen oder Aerosole“: “Neuartige Inhalationstherapeutika zum Schutz vor viralen Infekten bedingt durch Tröpfcheninfektionen (Viroprotect)“
  • Free State of Saxony, SAB Project: “Immuntheranostik zur Therapie, Bildgebung und Schnelldiagnostik von Viruserkrankungen: COVID-19“
  • BMBF Clusters 4 Future “SaxoCell”: “Development of theranostic target molecules for diagnosis and therapy (TheraSTAR)“,
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News & Events


  • 2nd Poster Price Award at HZDR DocSeminar 2023 (October 19th)  - Congrats to Cansu Daglar with her presented poster: "Development of ACE2 molecules for protection against SARS-CoV-2 or visualization of infected cells"
Foto: Cansu_Daglar_BestPosterAward_HZDR_Doc_Seminar_2023 ©Copyright: Cansu Daglar, Cansu Daglar
  • Congratulations to Haidy and Lydia at the Workshop & Symposium „Tumor Immunology meets Oncology XVI“ in Halle (April 20 - 22):        
Foto: Hoffmann_Lydia_TIMO_2023 ©Copyright: Lydia Hoffmann, Lydia Hoffmann
Foto: Hassan_Haidy_TIMO_2023 ©Copyright: Haidy Amr Abdelfatah Saleh Hassan, Haidy Hassan

Lydia (left) got the 2nd prize for Best Talk: "Therapeutic targeting and diagnostic imaging of Fibroblast Activation Protein-expressing cancers unsing the UniCAR system"                          
Haidy (right): 2nd Prize for Best Poster: "Specific targeting of Fn14-expressing glioblastoma using  RevCAR NK-92 cell system


  • Congratulations! Haidy Amr Abdelfatah Saleh Hassan, for Best Presentation Award at HZDR DocSeminar 2022 (October 21)

Foto: Haidy ©Copyright: Haidy Amr Abdelfatah Saleh Hassan


  • Congratulations to Liliana Loureiro for Best Flash Presentation Award presented at Australian Society of Molecular Imaging (ASMI) Annual Conference 2022 (October 6 - 7) in Melbourne, Australia
    Claudia Arndt: CAR Technology Meets Theranostics – A New Era of Immunotheranostics for Hematological and Solid Tumors (Plenary Lecture Invited)
    Liliana Loureiro: Immunotheranostic target modules suitable for imaging and navigation of UniCAR T-cells to strike FAP-expressing solid tumours and their microenvironment (Flash talk presentation)
  • Congratulations! Irene García de Andres, for excellent Master Thesis defence entitled “Developing adaptor molecules for targeting prostate cancer using RevCAR T cell system“ (September 19)

    Foto: defenseIG ©Copyright: Garcia de Andres

  • 5th GyMIC Molecular Imaging Symposium co-organized by colleagues from HZDR site Leipzig took place in Leipzig (September 15 – 16)
    Christin Neuber: FAP directed target modules are suitable for imaging and targeted radionuclide therapy of FAP-expressing solid tumours and their microenvironment (selected talk)

  • Antibody Technologies and Therapeutics Conference at Monash University Prato Center, Italy (September 11 – 14)
    Anja Feldmann: Theranostic Antibody- and CAR-based Platform Technology for Therapy and Imaging (invited talk) and
    Liliana Loureiro: Driving UniCARs to successful immunotherapy of solid tumors expressing fibroblast activation protein (FAP) (invited talk)

  • Project start for the winners of this year's DZG (German Centers for Health Research) in Dresden (July 19)
    Anja Feldmann (HZDR, DKTK), Anne Eugster (CRTD, PLID, DZD) and Anke Fuchs (CRTD, DKTK) were pleased to receive
    start-up funding of 10,000 EUR for their project "CAR brakes - Equipping Treg cells with chimeric antigen receptors to halt aberrant immunity“.
  • Workshop & Symposium „Tumor Immunology meets Oncology XVI“ in Halle, Germany (July 7 - 9)

    Foto: Karla_TimoHalle ©Copyright: Karla Elizabeth González Soto

    Karla Gonzalez Soto: Comparison of two structurally different RevTMs for the RevCAR system
    to specifically target CEA expressing cells (second poster presentation award),

    Tabea Bartsch: Adapter CARs: Estimation of the affinity between adapter and CAR domain required for function
    (selected talk)