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Switching the I/O level of the SC8000 scaler

The three SC8000 scaler of our department are able to process NIM and TTL input signals. The accepted level is indicated by a LED on the front panel. For TTL input and output the TTL-LED is active.

To switch between both levels, jumpers inside the module have to be set or unset. The jumpers are located on two different boards, the level-translator (located behind the front panel) and the mainboard.

Each module can be identified by the reference number of power supply port on the backside. For two of the three scalers (AMP 202394-2 and AMP 202394-9312, the third was not examined so far) the jumper configuration is different.

Important notice

The minimum signal input width of the scaler is 30 ns. Shorter signal pulses causing malfunctions! This has to be considered while using coincidence units in the overlap mode. On "clear" input the minimal pulse width has to be at least 1.5 µs to reset the display.


Jumper settings

  • AMP 202394-2:

Jumper Scaler SC8000 (GSI), Num.:AMP 202394-2
Jumper Scaler SC8000 (GSI), no.:AMP 202394-2
Foto: Toni Kögler


  • AMP 202394-9312:

Jumper Scaler SC8000 (GSI), no.:AMP 202394-9312
Jumper Scaler SC8000 (GSI), no.:AMP 202394-9312
Foto: Toni Kögler