Dr. Markus Schubert
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Dr. Frank Barthel

Fast X-ray Imaging
Experimental technology
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XFLOW: Ultrafast X-ray tomography of turbulent bubble flows

The understanding of disperse gas-liquid flows in bubble columns or above column trays is still fragmentary. In particular, the bubble swarm behavior, the evolving flow pattern and coherent structures as well as the degree of turbulence are until now hardly quantified – certainly not at relevant operating conditions such as elevated pressure and organic liquids.
Aim of the project is to elucidate the complex flow phenomena in bubble columns applying the ultrafast X-ray computed tomography. Initially, air-water systems will be studied; later systems at elevated pressure and with organic liquids will be in the focus of the investigations. Considerable process parameters and numbers for the description of hydrodynamic and mass transfer and for design of bubble columns can be extracted from tomographic measurement data. Moreover, statistical approaches such as wavelet analysis and non-linear chaos analyses will be applied to derive hidden information about the hydrodynamics and regime transitions from high-frequent measurement data.
In addition, tomographic imaging provide information about coalescence and breakup rates in bubble swarms and allows the development of respective models beyond the homogeneous flow regime. Eventually, the experimental results will be incorporated in models for numerical flow simulations.


  • Funding organization: European Research Council
  • Title: 7th Framework Programme, Starting Grants
  • Funding reference number: 307360
  • Period: 01/13 - 12/16


Peer-reviewed papers

Oral Presentations at Conferences

Poster Presentations at Conferences

  • S. Nedeltchev; U. Hampel; M. Schubert
    Comparison of New Entropy Profiles in Bubble Columns Operated with Air-Water and Air-Therminol Systems
    Annual Meeting of the Professional Groups On Computational Fluid Dynamics and Multiphase Flows, Lüneburg (Germany), March 19-20 (2015).

  • S. Azizi; Y. M. Lau; M. Schubert
    The Breakup and Coalescence of Bubbles Considering Interphase Turbulence Transfer in Bubbly Flows
    12th International Conference On Gas-Liquid and Gas-Liquid-Solid Reactor Engineering (GLS12), New York (USA), June 28-July 1 (2015).

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