Trans-national Access Programmes

User groups from outside Germany applying for access to a beamline involved in an Integrating Activity funded by the European Commission may request financial support for their travel expenses. The request for funding from a trans-national access programme has to be indicated in the proposal form. Beamlines to which trans-national access may be requested are listed below including the corresponding EU project.

Beamline: nELBE

Project ARIEL

Travel support will be available for users of nELBE from September 2019. Funding can be requested starting from the spring call for ELBE proposals (deadline April 10th, 2019).

Funding is provided for

  • up to 4 persons per user group
  • travel costs up to 300 EUR per person (please choose a most economic alternative, costs for car rental or taxi cannot be covered)
  • accommodation and daily allowance by paying a flarate pf 150 EUR

Beamlines: FELBE and TELBE (THz beamlines)

Project NEPHEWS   

In the framework of NEPHEWS, free-of-charge transnational access (TNA) to the FELBE and TELBE beamlines is offered. For eligible users, the expenses for travel and accommodation are covered.

As per decision of the consortium, NEPHEWS is focusing in particular on Finland, Romania, Greece, Estonia, Poland, Serbia, Portugal, Ukraine, and Africa but researchers from all EU member states and associated countries may apply as well.

Funding rules

  • A funding request must be indicated in the application form (i.e. the respective box has to be ticked).
  • Priority is given to research teams with the majority of the team members affiliated in one of the countries indicated above.
  • Up to 2 persons per team are eligible to receive financial support.
  • Costs are covered for a stay in the guesthouse for a maximum of 5 nights.
  • Travel costs are covered up to a maximum of 500 EUR. Users are kindly requested to select a resonably economic travel option. Please contact the user office before booking in case this limitation raises issues for you or if you have a justified need to rent a car.

Important Note

Each Group Leader is requested to ensure that:

  • An experiment report is completed and submitted to GATE as soon as possible after a visit.
  • All publications related to work performed in the framework of the project are obliged to acknowledge the support of the EU NEPHEWS program: This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101131414 (NEPHEWS).

Question may be addressed to the local project leader  Dr. Denis Gorbunov

How to prepare your stay at HZDR

  • A booking request form for the guesthosue is available in GATE as part of the information package provided for your accepted proposal(s)
  • Please mention "Request for TNA support from (acronym of the selected TNA program)" in the field titled "additional text".
  • Please send the completed form to the guesthouse management and in copy to the ELBE user office
  • In order to apply for a visitor's card, please let us know your arrival and departure dates as early as possible

Reimbursement of expenses

After the beamtime, the reimbursement of travel costs has to be requested using the program-specific reimbursement form including the originals of all tickets and boarding passes. Only costs which can be justified in this way can be reimbursed.