Trans-national Access Programme

User groups from outside Germany applying for access to a beamline involved in an Integrating Activity funded by the European Commission may request financial support for their travel expenses. The request for funding from a trans-national access programme has to be indicated in the proposal form. Beamlines to which trans-national access may be requested are listed below including the corresponding EU project.

Beamlines: FELBE and TELBE



Context, eligibility and obligations

In the framework of the trans-national access programme of the project CALIPSOplus, funded by the European Union as an integrating activity, support for travel and subsistence is offered for user carrying out experiments at accelerator-based light sources located outside the country of their home institution.

To a limited extent also users from Third countries are eligible for funding.

In publications resulting of user projects supported in this way acknowledgement of support by the European Union is mandatory using the following sentence:

The research leading to this result has been supported by the project CALIPSOplus under the Grant Agreement 730872 from the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020.

In addition, after the beamtime response to the Horizon2020 user survey is strongly recommended following this link.

Submission of an experiment report to the facility having been used is mandatory.

Application for Funding, selection criteria and details of the reimbursement

A request for funding has to be indicated in GATE when preparing the beamtime proposal.

The sole selection criterion is scientific exellence of the proposal. If the request for funding exceeds the available budget reserved for the respective term proposals are ranked according to the following euqlly important secondary criteria:

  • need for support to be able to carry out the experiment
  • users from EU 13 countries
  • young researchers
  • users from new research fields in which the use of a FEL is not yet established
  • women PIs

Funding is provided for

  • up to 2 persons per user group
  • accommodation in the guesthouse
  • travel costs up to 300 EUR per person

How to prepare your stay at HZDR

  • A booking request form is available in GATE as part of the information package provided for your accepted proposal(s)
  • Please mention "Request for TNA support from CALIPSOplus" in the field titled "additional text"
  • Please send the completed form to the guesthouse management and in copy to the ELBE user office
  • If your expected travel costs will be higher than the limit of 300 EUR/ person we kindly ask you to contact us before booking your trip to discuss possible solutions
  • In order to apply for a visitor's card, please let us know your arrical and departure dates as early as possible

Reimbursement of expenses

After the beamtime, the reimbursement of travel costs has to be requested using the specific reimbursement form including the originals of all tickets and boarding passes. Only costs which can be justified in this way can be reimbursed.

Support for Publication in Gold Open Access Journals

Publication of project results in open access journals is strongly encouragned. User groups disposing of only limited funds for publication activities may request financial support for publication of results in gold open access journals. To this end, an informal application by email has to be submitted to the management team of CALIPSOplus, providing

  • the abstract of the project
  • the facility and beamline at which the experiment has been carried out as well as the date of the beamtime
  • a draft of the publication or the accepted paper
  • the name of the selected journal.

The selection of projects for funding from this Open Access support program is performed at the quarterly meetings of the CALIPSOplus Executive Board. The financial  support amounts to up to 1500 EUR. Priority is given to user groups from newer European member states, but application for funding by user from any other European country is not excluded.Please see the dedicated poster for more information on this funding program.

Beamline: nELBE

Project ARIEL