Time structure of the electron beam from the ELBE accelerator

A unique feature of the electron beam from ELBE is the well defined time structure which in a wide range can be adjusted according to the request of the user.

Three different pulse modes are available:

In the micropulse mode the pulse width is between 1ps and 5 ps, the pulse frequency is 26 / 2n MHz, where n is an integer number between 1 and 8.

In the macropulse mode the micropulses are subject to an additional amplitude modulation (frequency between 1 Hz and 25 Hz), the macropulse length is between 0.1ms and 40ms. (the micropulse mode may be considered as the cw mode of this regime).

The single pulse mode is similar to the macropulse mode, but instead of the pulse length the number of micropulses per macropulse is being specified (anything between 1 and 4096). The micropulse frequency is 13 MHz, the delay between successive macropulses can be anything between 1 ms and several minutes. In addition, the total number of macropulses to be provided can be specified.