Dr. Roland Beyer

Beam line scientist, radiation protection officer FWK
Nuclear Physics
Phone: +49 351 260 3281

Initialization of the VME electronics for (n,fis) experiments

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The initialization of the VME modules is controlled via the files "setup.ini". Each line of this file has to have the following structure: "variable = value". Everything behind an double slash "//" is interpreted as a comment. Values can be set decimal or hexadecimal (0x...). Tabs, multiple spaces and empty lines are ignored. A line containing "endnow = 1" will cause MBS to stop reading the setup file, i.e. everything below this line will be ignored.

The following variables are accepted:




Value Range


comment defines which comments should be printed out to the mbsprint_vme_0.l log-file 0: no comments
1: scaler values, errors, initialization
2: data readout information
3: even data send information
testrun defines if the current setup_vme_0.ini will be copied for logging into the directory "mbsrun/nng/log/" 0: setup will be saved
1: setup will not be saved
scalerrestart defines if a check should be enabled at each scaler readout (trigger type 2) if the electronics setup is paralyzed, i.e. if the QDC buffers are full although TDC almost full level not reached 0: disabled
1: enabled
fastanalysis defines if a fast analysis of the plastics time-of-flight spectra is written to "mbs_ratios.l" 0: disabled
1: enabled
printscaler defines if scaler values are printed out 0: disabled
1: enabled
bma_readout defined if data is read in block mode readout BMA (Note: MBS has to be compile with the "#define BMAREADOUT" to use this option) 0: disabled
1: enabled
print_qdc_error defines if errors of the QDC are printed out 0: disabled
1: enabled
print_tdc_error defines if errors of the TDC are printed out 0: disabled
1: enabled
sis3820_LNEtime time between each scaler readout in seconds 1...420 15
v556_thrl ADC lower threshold   1
v556_cntr ADC control register (bit 0..7 = enable channel 1..8)   0x01
v965a_bset2 Bit set/clear 2 register (see manual, bits set to 1 are set, bits set to 0 are cleared)   0x5898
v985a_iped Iped value (see manual) >60 80
v965a_ch_ena_high enable pattern high gain channels   0xff
v965a_ch_ena_low enable pattern low gain channels   0xff
v965a_ch_thr_#_high high gain threshold of channel #, # = {0...7}   1
v965a_ch_thr_#_low low gain threshold of channel #, # = {0...7}   1
v1290n_ctrl control register (see manual)   0x0228
v1290n_alm_full Almost Full level 1... 32735 25000
v1290n_pout POUT output 0: Data Ready, 1: Full
2: Almost Full, 3: Error
v1290n_acqmode acquisition mode 0x0000: trigger matching
0x0100: continuous storage
v1290n_winwidth match window width in ns 25...102375 13000
v1290n_winoff match window offset before trigger in ns -1000...51200 12000
v1290n_extrasearch extra search margin   200
v1290n_reject reject margin   100
v1290n_subtr_mode enable/disable trigger time subtraction 0x1400: enable
0x1500: disable
v1290n_edgedet edge detection mode 0: pair
1: trailing
2: leading
3: leading + trailing
v1290n_leadres resolution for leading edge in ps   25
v1290n_widthres resolution for width in ps   100
v1290n_headtrail define if TDC header and trailer are enabled 0x3000: enabled
0x3100 disabled
v1290n_enable input channel enable pattern   0x3fff
Fast analysis
backmin ToF cuts: background lower limit   see histogram
backmax ToF cuts: background upper limit   see histogram
gammamin ToF cuts: gamma pre peak lower limit   see histogram
gammamax ToF cuts: gamma pre preak upper limit   see histogram
neutronmin ToF cuts: neutrons lower limit   see histogram
neutronmax ToF cuts: neutrons upper limit   see histogram
v1495_reload defines if the V1495 user FPGA firmware is reloaded before initialization 0: disabled
1: enabled
v1495_a_mask_l Port A masking, low bits A[0] ... A[15] (see here)   0x00ff
v1495_a_mask_h Port A masking, high bits A[16] ... A[31]   0x0101
v1495_b_mask_l Port B masking, low bits B[0] ... B[15]   0x0000
v1495_b_mask_h Port B masking, high bits B[16] ... B[31]   0x0000
v1495_d_mask_l Port D masking, low bits D[0] ... D[15] (see here)   0x0003
v1495_d_mask_h Port D masking, high bits D[16] ... D[31]   0x0000
v1495_e_mask_l Port E masking, low bits E[0] ... E[15] (see here)   0x00f3
v1495_e_mask_h Port E masking, high bits E[16] ... E[31]   0x0000
v1495_f_mask_l Port F masking, low bits F[0] ... F[15] (see here)   0xffff
v1495_f_mask_h Port F masking, high bits F[16] ... F[31] (see here)   0xffff
v1495_trig_wdth trigger width in ns (10 ns steps) 10...655350 3000
v1495_trig_delay TDC trigger delay in ns (10 ns steps) (Has to be smaller than v1495_trig_wdth!) 10...655350 2500
v1495_adc_delay ADC gate output delay in ns (10 ns steps) 10...655350 60
v1495_adc_gate ADC gate output width in ns (10 ns steps) 10...655350 100
v1495_qdc_delay QDC gate output delay in ns (10 ns steps) 10...655350 60
v1495_qdc_gate QDC gate output width in ns (10 ns steps) 10...655350 100
v1495_trig_scal downscale factor for readout Trigger 1...65535 31