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Microfocus X-ray setups

X-ray sources

implementation mikrofocus X-ray source XS225D

mikrofocus X-ray source

XS225D (GE, formerly phoenix|x-ray, Wunstorff, Germany)

reflection target, min. spot size 5 µm
tube potential 30 – 225 keV
tube current 5 µA – 3 mA (max 300 W)

mikrofocus X-ray source XWT-190-TC

mikrofocus X-ray source

XWT-190-TC (X-RAY worX, Garbsen, Germany)

transmission target, min. spot size 1.4 µm
tube potential 10 – 150 keV
tube current 50 µA – 1 mA (max 80 W)

X-ray detectors

Different line (1D) – and area (2D) – X-ray detectors are available.

  • Thales TH9438 9“ X-ray image intensifier
  • Perkin Elmer RID1024 40 x 40 cm² area detector
  • application specific applied X-ray intensifying screens


For image reconstruction and analysis serveral improved proprietary software algorithms are available.

Areas of application

Main field of application of the microfocus X-ray setups are the non-invasive radiographic, radioscopic and/or tomographic investigation of multiphase flow phenomena in non-transparent (opaque) and inaccessible fluids, in particular in the context of reactor safey research, process optimization and fundamental research in the field of liquid and solidifying metals and metal alloys.



Dr. Stephan Boden
Phone: +49 351 260 3773