Prof. Dr. Thorsten Stumpf

Director Institute of Resource Ecology
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Porträt PD Dr. habil. Schmidt, Moritz; FWOF

PD Dr. habil. Moritz Schmidt

Head Chemistry of the f-elements
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PhD thesis

Sorption of (trivalent) Actinides and Lanthanides

PhD student:
Stefan Hellebrandt
Dr. Moritz Schmidt (HZDR)
Surface processes

My PhD work is motivated by possible problems related to nuclear waste disposal. Safety assessment of a nuclear waste storage site requires reliable statements concerning incidents like water ingress. Therefore it is necessary to get a deeper understanding of the investigated systems (e.g. for barrier systems). Different minerals and their interaction with actinides and lanthanides as equivalents will be researched.

The analytical emphasis of this work will be site-selective TRLFS, CTR and RAXR. A technical aspect will deal with the complementary use of these two analytical approaches.

The systems will be chosen in an effort to ensure a high level of understanding, while approaching real systems with relevant sorption processes. At the same time the measurability and understandability needs to be ensured. The first study will investigate the sorption of Eu(III) onto muscovite from NaCl media. Eu is employed as an analogue for Cm, but also to exploit its favorable spectroscopic properties. Experiments with curium and americium, as well as other minerals like Sapphire and clay minerals will follow.